First Due Trailer Fire
By Firefighter/EMT-B Kyle Compton
April 19, 2015

On 4/19/2015 at 1553 hours, Engine Company 2, Tanker 2 and Engine Company 836 were alerted to 3454 Slater Drive for the reported large vehicle fire. Utility 2 was available on the air and responded with two personnel at dispatch. Utility 2 arrived on scene with a camper trailer fully involved and established the Slater Drive command. Engine 22 responded with four personnel, Tanker 2 with two personnel. Chief 2B arrived and assumed command. Upon E22's arrival an attack line was deployed and extinguishment efforts started. The fire was quickly extinguished, and crews remained on the scene to cool hot spots, perform overhaul and assist the State Fire Marshal with the investigation. Units cleared at 1730 hours with no injuries reported.

Units: E22, TA2, U2, CH2B
Mutual Aid: E836B, TA836, BO887